Air Sanitation for All Seasons

Every season has its own bounty of produce. But organic supermarkets and produce providers are tasked with stocking their shelves with seasonal items year round. To keep your produce fresh and your customers happy, arm your cold storage facility with commercial air sanitation from Airocide.

Keep Your Cool

Mold, bacteria and airborne threats should always be considered when storing seasonal produce in an enclosed storage facility. Bacteria thrives in these conditions, those which generate ethylene gas in particular. Ethylene gas is a naturally occurring VOC that rapidly ripens produce.

In cold storage facilities and food processing units, air purification through our Airocide Developed for Nasa air sanitation system using photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) keeps seasonal fruits and vegetables fresh longer. By controlling ethylene gas, shelf life for food is significantly extended.

Specialty produce provider Coosemans Atlanta stated, “Since installing Airocide, it has enhanced our specialty produce items and in turn we are getting extended shelf life on many of our items, needless to say we are happy with the performance of Airocide.”

Safe Storage

Through our air purification technology, food safety is also enhanced. Airborne threats work around the clock to damage your produce. When ethylene gas is emitted, surrounding stored produce is impacted. This VOC, along with bacteria and mold, are extremely harmful to your stored food.

When storage facilities install our Airocide air purifying system, airborne threats and pathogens are eliminated with no toxic chemicals or gases emitted. It gives you the opportunity to provide high quality, protected produce during all seasons.

Air Sanitation Solution

Though ethylene gas is unseen, it takes a powerful air sanitation solution to break it down into trace elements of carbon dioxide and water. Keep a cleansing eye on your stored products by entrusting our air purification technology to push fresh air throughout your facility.

Minimal maintenance is required once our system is installed. This means clean air 24/7 in your space while you focus on your business. With thousands of air purification units in operation, our technology continues to improve food safety, extend shelf life, and provide air sanitation for all seasons.

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