Airborne Mold Control for Breweries

Airborne Mold Control for Breweries


Mold in any food or beverage production environment is bad news, but in breweries or distilleries, where controlled fermentation is the method of production, it can be absolutely catastrophic. Unfortunately, surface sanitation may just not be enough. Breweries can be high-moisture environments, and in cases where barrel aging is used, humidity is a key factor in retaining your product. Mold, mildew, and wild yeast thrive in moisture, where they can multiply, spread, and disrupt production. That’s why airborne mold control for breweries and distilleries is key – and the right solution doesn’t just protect the integrity of your product either.

Proper mold control can protect employees and even your bottom line. But, the system you choose should be effective without producing any harmful byproducts like ozone. That’s where safe and effective AiroPro technology can help. AiroPro uses a process called photocatalytic oxidation, which kills unwanted organic threats – without creating harmful emissions. Just as mold can have different effects depending on where it is, AiroPro and Airocide protection serves different purposes in different areas and stages of production. Here’s how airborne mold, fungus, and wild yeast can affect your brewery or distillery, and how AiroPro can help you stop it once and for all.

Protecting Your Product from Mold and Wild Yeast

  • Ingredient Storage: A quality product comes from pure ingredients. Preventing mold and mildew on grains, hops, and other ingredients is paramount to producing a delicious, consistent, safe product – eliminating mold and fungus spores from the air will ensure ingredients stay clean.
  • Production and Fermentation: Ideally, your production area is easy to hose down and clean, but lingering moisture can invite mold growth on walls and equipment. Climate-controlled fermentation rooms can create condensation, and airborne wild yeast could spoil a batch at any time. Preventing airborne mold and yeast from taking hold is simple when you eliminate the threat altogether.
  • Barrel Aging: Loss is expected in barrel aging due to condensation, but at higher relative humidities you can retain more product. A higher RH could mean a higher threat of mold – but with AiroPro you can maintain a higher RH without worrying about airborne mold and fungus.
  • Cold Storage, Walk-in Cooler: Employees need regular access to cold storage and walk-in coolers, but mold and mildew can take a hold here too. Preventing mold in your cooler will help protect employees and product.
  • Tasting Room: Customers and visitors need to know they’re safe – our air purification technology can protect them too. AiroPro products eliminate not only mold and fungus, but bacteria and viruses as well – and we can help you create a system for spaces of any size.
  • Back Offices: With AiroPro units, every space is covered. There are units meant for personal offices, meeting rooms, and common areas – as well as production spaces.

Protect Your Products and People With AiroPro

Airborne mold control in breweries and distilleries can help reduce or eliminate product losses due to spoilage, help maintain a healthier atmosphere in your production and tasting areas, and provide peace of mind to customers and employees. We can create an AiroPro system that’s tailor-made to your brewery and provides maximum coverage, so you can focus on brewing a superior product. Reach out to our air purification experts to see how easy and effective it is to implement AiroPro in your facility.