Dairy Testimonials

We want to pass long this very favorable result with Airocide installed in one of several aging caves in the Monroe, Wisconsin facility. Test results from air sampling have been greatly favorable with almost zero mold activity in the room. Airocide was easy to install and implement and I would consider it a success. I plan on placing additional units in all the other rooms as soon as possible. I think it’s doing exactly what KES Science said and would recommend it.
Robert Frie Plant Manager Emmi Roth USA, Monroe, Wisconsin

We have AiroCide in a very sensitive area of the plant where certain types of unwanted mold spores can cause us a lot of problems. We saw a significant reduction in both mold spores and yeast. With this conclusion we decided to purchase more and have coverage in all hallway areas that lead to our curing rooms.We monitor our air quality in all areas of the plant weekly and our test results have shown they do work.
Craig Howel Montchevré

Agropur is the Canadian dairy industry leader, with $3.4 billion in annualized sales. The efficacy of the AiroCide technology has met their food safety air sanitation expectations.
Daniel Auclair Quality Control Supervisor, Agropur Division Natrel