Food Bank Testimonials

When we replaced our old cooler, it was highly recommended by other Food Banks in our area that already had AiroCide units to make sure we did as well. When asked why, we were told that “it will be money well spent”. I can honestly say that they were correct, we have seen a decrease of spoiled produce, longer shelf lives and the cooler always smells inviting to our agencies. It’s nice when you can actually smell the produce when the doors open and not a damp musty odor. We like the unit so much, we installed another unit in our other cooler as well.
Robert P. Demchak
Facility, Safety & Security Manager
Marion Polk Food Share



We recently purchased Airocide units for all of our member food banks to help them prolong the life of donated and food rescue produce. Since installing the units, we have heard from our “down stream” agencies that they are having to spend less time culling produce deliveries and are seeing more produce going to clients. The units will allow us to continue our work of getting more fresh, healthy food to hungry New Mexicans.
Kathy Komoll, Executive Director,
New Mexico Association of Food Banks


I just wanted to let you know that your Airocide units are now installed and in operation, and we’re already noticing a difference. The most noticeable change was with tomatoes. If we were to hold tomatoes as long as two weeks, they would liquefy. We just distributed a truckload of tomatoes, and with combination of storage at the proper temperature along with Airocide units, the tomatoes we distributed at the end of two weeks’ time looked as good as those we distributed immediately upon receipt. We’re very happy customers at this point. I would be glad to serve as a referral. You can’t hear them, and you can’t see your units doing anything, but this kind of result with the tomatoes was extraordinary.

Michael P. Miller , President & CEO (formerly VP of Operations, Greater Cleveland Food Bank)
River Bend Foodbank


Visitors of the food bank had a facial expression of bewilderment! When asked why, they replied, they noticed a difference in the odor compared to their food bank facilities and he agreed. Every dollar is important to us.You do have a good product in AiroCide and it is working well for us.
Bill McKnight, Director of Operations,
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma