With AiroPro Air Sanitation, your brewery can:

  • Decrease product loss due to evaporation in barrel aging programs (reductions of 10%+)

  • Reduce mold prevention cleaning labor expenses
  • Prevent contamination from airborne spoilage microorganisms, including Wild Yeast, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus
  • Promote Technology Developed for Nasa protecting your customers and staff from airborne viruses

Why is AiroPro Air Sanitation Needed at your Brewery?

See study below showing how an estimated 75% of Breweries have a Spoiling Bacteria present in their production area.

Assessment of airborne microorganisms in a craft brewery

Amanda L Miller, Colorado State University

ABSTRACT: Pathogenic bacteria have little chance of surviving in beer due to intrinsic antimicrobial hurdles; however, there are other microorganisms capable of persisting in the environment and causing undesirable changes that spoil beer. The quality of all food products including beer is affected not only by the integrity of raw materials and cleanliness of the equipment and packaging materials, but also by the purity of the environmental air surrounding the processing area. Bottling and canning lines in breweries often are considered non-closed production equipment and have the ability to become contaminated from outside sources, including the environment. The purpose of this project was to examine the environmental microbial air quality within various areas of a craft brewery with emphasis on potential beer spoiling bacteria. Air samples were collected inside and outside the brewery to establish a baseline of data, identify areas of concern, and examine the effects of seasonality. Aerobic results were used to evaluate general cleanliness, while anaerobic testing was included to assess the prevalence of beer spoiling organisms. The canning line within the brewery was identified as a specific area of concern and was predicted to be contaminated with beer spoiling bacteria an average 75% of the time. Seasonality impacted aerobic microorganism levels, with fivefold increases observed in the spring. The results of this study revealed that testing for airborne microorganisms is highly recommended in the craft brewing industry. Critical areas in the brewery, such as the bottling and canning lines, should be routinely tested for airborne microorganisms to prevent final product contamination.


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