Airocide's NASA technology removes ethylene gas from your commercial storage facilities

NASA Technology Removes Ethylene Gas

Ethylene gas is a nearly undetectable threat to all commercial cold storage products. Our AiroCide commercial air sanitation works around the clock to eliminate this airborne threat. Our NASA technology removes ethylene gas and keeps your product fresher, longer. Keep reading to learn how our commercial air purification system can benefit you. From Space to […]

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Commercial Air Sanitation with AiroCide

Mold, ethylene gas, bacteria and other airborne threats work 24/7 to destroy your produce. The best way to combat them is commercial air sanitation with AiroCide. Our AiroCide system works 24/7 to eliminate airborne threats, enhance food safety and optimize your product’s shelf life. Enhance Food Safety Bacteria and mold are extremely harmful to your […]

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Experience cold storage without ethylene gas using AiroCide by KESAir

Cold Storage Without Ethylene Gas

There are several unseen airborne threats to your commercial products, and ethylene gas is one of the most severe. Colorless, odorless and devastating to cold storage products, ethylene gas is a time warping enemy. So, how can you provide quality cold storage without ethylene gas? An AiroCide commercial air purification system. Cold, Hard Facts Indeed, […]

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cold storage air purification - Discover a fresh solution with Airocide by KESAir

A Fresh Solution to Cold Storage Air Purification

Out of sight does not mean out of mind in the cold storage business. But you can have peace of mind when you utilize our NASA developed air sanitation system in your facility. You grow, cultivate and nurture your crop, and now you can get a fresh solution to cold storage air purification with AiroCide. […]

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Find out how to extend product life and boost your profits

How to Extend Product Life and Boost Your Profits

Cold storage warehouses, food processors, grocers, wineries, florists, and more know that time is of the essence when it comes to their product freshness. Timing is everything when cultivating, storing and delivering products for sale. With our AiroCide air sanitation system, you can be confident in your products’ quality. We’re here to help you discover […]

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Remove Ethylene Gas and Mold with AiroCide

Is ethylene gas making your perishables’ shelf life decrease? Is mold wiping out your crop? Has your production reduced because of either or both of these troubling airborne threats? We know your struggles, and we have your solution. You can remove ethylene gas and mold with AiroCide – our proven air purifying technology. Our AiroCide […]

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