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A Fresh Solution to Cold Storage Air Purification

Out of sight does not mean out of mind in the cold storage business. But you can have peace of mind when you utilize our Developed for Nasa air sanitation system in your facility. You grow, cultivate and nurture your crop, and now you can get a fresh solution to cold storage air purification with Airocide.

Give a Breath of Fresh Air

Cold storage facilities need to maintain air quality to extend product shelf life. Learn how Airocide helps by improving and protecting indoor air quality, both effectively and cost efficiently. Thus, your products and brands can be in an environment of fresh air that yields more than 99.99% pure air. This fresh, clean air then mixes with remaining contaminated air. After the mixing occurs over several hours, the result is reduction in both airborne microbes and gaseous contamination in the total space.

Airborne pathogens and bacteria are known to cultivate in colder, enclosed facilities. NASA astronauts discovered this and developed our technology to keep airborne threats OUT. Airocide removes airborne mold, VOCs like ethylene gas and pathogens and turns them into trace amounts of water vapor and carbon dioxide. Unlike many other air filters and sanitizers, Airocide does NOT produce any ozone or emissions which are harmful to both your product and people.

Get Your Freshest Product

When ethylene gas and fungal spores are eliminated, your products’ shelf life is extended. As your product shelf life extends, your customers trust and loyalty grows. As your customer base grows, your profits rise. The air quality for your product can be a problem, but the fresh solution to cold storage air purification is simple: Airocide.

Fresh product and happy customers are direct results you can see and measure when you easily install our Airocide unit. Our products have no filters that need changing and do not need to turn off. You can keep your cold storage air purification running and extending your product life 24/7. You can focus on business.

If your products are suffering from premature ripening, wilting or spoiling, the best place to find a fresh solution to cold storage air purification is with Airocide. Contact us to get a free facility proposal today!

How to Extend Product Life and Boost Your Profits

Cold storage warehouses, food processors, grocers, wineries, florists, and more know that time is of the essence when it comes to their product freshness. Timing is everything when cultivating, storing and delivering products for sale. With our Airocide air sanitation system, you can be confident in your products’ quality. We’re here to help you discover how to extend product life and boost your profits with one simple solution: clean air.

Start with What You Can’t See

Most of the threats to your products’ shelf life and vibrancy are too small to be seen. For instance, ethylene gas in storage facilities cause increased ripening and withering of fresh crops. It’s odorless and invisible, but it is devastating to your products. Our Developed for Nasa Airocide technology is specifically made to remove ethylene gas and extend product life significantly.

Another unseen but equally troubling threat is that of airborne contaminants. Mold, pathogens, bacteria, fungi, mycotoxins, viruses, allergens and other microbes thrive in closed spaces. You have worked hard to cultivate, harvest, and process your product(s), but now your valuable product is at risk to these airborne threats that can rapidly cause catastrophic damage.

Utilizing a patented Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) process, contaminated air is continuously processed through Airocide’s bio-conversion reactor bed. All organic material (bacteria, mold, allergens, viruses, VOC’s such as ethylene gas) mineralizes, leaving the exit air 99.99% contaminant free. No ozone or other toxic chemicals or gas are utilized or produced during this process.

By sanitizing and purifying the air with our Airocide system, this leaves you with a peace of mind, cleaner facility, extended shelf life, and customers with the superior freshness and quality they expect.

If your customers rely on your product to be organic, we can help you keep it that way! Airocide is a purifying solution with NO chemicals, NO emissions, and NO ozone.

Finish with High Quality You Can See

When your product suffers a loss, so do your sales. Grocery stores, restaurants, and others rely on their produce providers to deliver the freshest products for their customers. Furthermore, by offering a superior product, your brand will be seen as highly valuable. This will elevate your brand as well as increase your sales in the marketplace.

A radiant product outshines the mediocre. By keeping your facility’s air purified with our Airocide system, you can be confident in your product to outshine the rest with high-quality freshness and give your brand a trusted identity. Customers are sure to remember and prefer your superior product which will boost your profits just by sanitizing your air!

If you’re ready to extend your product life and boost your profits, we’re ready to help. Contact us to see which Airocide product is best for you.