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Better Refrigerated Transport with Air Purification

Could your trucks be the cause of early spoilage? Without proper refrigerated transport air purification, that may well be the case. Refrigerated trucks aren’t always closed systems, but when products are in that enclosed space for a long time, off-gases and bacteria can build up and start to spoil your refrigerated product and perishables. Find out the cause, and discover the solution – read on to learn about Airocide.

The Cause of Spoilage in Transport

Even when properly cleaned, loaded, and secured, there are two major factors that can cause spoilage in your refrigerated transport trucks. Microbes and ethylene gas are a constant threat when storing and transporting perishables, and especially produce. Even if your products have been sanitized, airborne microbes and fungal spores can still land and spoil them.

And in any truck, ripe produce still puts out ethylene gas, a volatile organic compound or VOC. This gas collects inside the truck, regardless of airflow, and accelerates the ripening and spoilage of any other produce on board. Through delays, stops, and any other slowdowns, these threats continue to collect in the refrigerated compartment – and they spread through the air. That means you need a solution that will protect your produce from airborne threats. That solution is Airocide air purifiers.

Stopping Airborne Threats with Airocide

Airocide is capable of dealing with these threats because every Airocide unit contains a Developed for Nasa photocatalytic (PCO) reactor bed built for one purpose: scrubbing the air of airborne threats.

The technology inside Airocide eliminates both organic particles like mold and bacteria, and volatile organic compounds such as the vegetable-wilting gas ethylene. It’s because, instead of trapping particles, Airocide destroys threats at the molecular level. Microbes, fungal spores, and VOCs enter a sealed reaction chamber, and they are converted into harmless trace elements of water vapor and carbon dioxide. The air that circulates through your refrigerated truck is scrubbed of 99.99% of airborne pathogens and threats, meaning your produce is protected from premature spoilage in transport.

The Easy Solution to Spoilage in Refrigerated Transport

Mounting an Airocide air purification unit in your refrigerated truck, trailer, or transport is one of the easiest ways to protect your produce from airborne microbes, ethylene, and more! We have several models for various trailer sizes – plus offerings that can protect your office in our AiroPro line. Make it easy to protect products from airborne threats, discover Airocide today.