“We purchased Airocide from you last year and it worked wonders for us this past season. We had such a great year and very much in part due to the addition of Airocide in our cooler – which kept the quality of the fruit stable and consistent. I've been telling everyone I do business with about the benefits of Airocide. We had high hopes but the performance of Airocide exceeded our expectations. It has been the best upgrade we've made to the facility in years. We used to walk into the cooler and be able to smell ethylene in varying degrees through the season. This season, we walked in to the cooler and the only thing you could smell was cardboard. The air was absolutely clean of all the ethylene naturally produced by our avocados.”

Ivan Munoz

Cal Pacific Growers/Cal Flavor

"Airocide has proven a dramatic and rapid ethylene reduction, along with the benefit of airborne microbial reduction. Airocide is now standardized equipment for Del Monte Fresh cold storage at all of its facilities."

Ross McKenney

VP of Quality Assurance

Del Monte Fresh Produce

Coral Gables, FL

"We believe it is the finest Food Safety Sanitation system using them most state-of-the-art technology."

Scott Dennis

VP of Business Development

Albert's Organics

We have Airocide in a very sensitive area of the plant where certain types of unwanted mold spores can cause us a lot of problems. We saw a significant reduction in both mold spores and yeast. With this conclusion we decided to purchase more and have coverage in all hallway areas that lead to our curing rooms.. We monitor our air quality in all areas of the plant weekly and our test results have shown they do work.

Craig Howell


"Visitors of the food bank had a facial expression of bewilderment! When asked why, they replied, they noticed a difference in the odor compared to their food bank facilities and he agreed. Every dollar is important to us. You do have a good product in Airocide and it is working well for us."

Bill McKnight

Director of Operations

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma


"Uncompromising quality is what DiMare Fresh is all about - The Airocide system in our cooler keeps the air incredibly clean and reduces mold. you can smell the difference."

Tom Bruno

Director of Operations

DiMare Fresh

Tampa, FL

"I just wanted to let you know that your Airocide units are now installed and in operation, and we're already noticing a difference. The most noticeable change was with tomatoes. If we were to hold tomatoes as long as two weeks, they would liquefy. We just distributed a truckload of tomatoes, and with combination of storage at the proper temperature along with Airocide units, the tomatoes we distributed at the end of two weeks' time looked as good as those we distributed immediately upon receipt. We're very happy customers at this point. I would be glad to serve as a referral. You can't hear them, and you can't see your units doing anything, but this kind of result with the tomatoes was extraordinary."

Michael P. Miller

President & CEO (formerly VP of Operations, Greater Cleveland Food Bank)

River Bend Food Bank

"Agropur, headquartered in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada is the Canadian dairy industry leader, with $3.4 billion in annualized sales. They operate 27 plants and numerous distribution centers and offices across Canada, and in the U.S. and Argentina. Processing over 3 billion liters of milk annually, they offer an impressive array of products, including such popular brands as Quebon, Oka, Sealtest, Natrel, Island Farms, Yoplait, La Lacteo, Trega and Schroeder. The efficacy of the Airocide technology has met their food safety air sanitation expectations."

Danel Auclari

Quality Control Supervisior

Agropur Division Natrel

"We are excited to offer to our customers the Airocide Technology throughout the facility, purifying the air by eliminating airborne pathogens, molds and ethylene gas."

Mike Kirby

General Manager

Bland Distributors

"We are very happy with the Airocide technology"

Cameron Perry

Associate Winemaker

Chateau Montelena

Calistoga, CA

"Since installing Airocide, it has enhanced our specialty produce items and in turn we are getting extended shelf life on many of our items, needless to say we are happy with the performance of Airocide."

Coosemans Atlanta

At Ippolito Fruit and Produce, they take extreme care to ensure the freshness and safety of their products. Extensive food safety programs are in place from growing through packing and shipping, including Airocide Air Sanitation Their program is available for review through Primus Labs.Their packaging facility, based out of Burlington Ontario, operates 364 days a year. The Burlington location is a state of the art refrigerated produce processing, storage and warehousing facility. They also operate a 20,000 sq. foot facility in Montreal Quebec, as well as a wholesale facility at the Ontario Food Terminal.

Steve Dimen

Operations Manager

Ippolito International

Napa, CA

A leader in the Canadian fruits and vegetables industry for over nine decades, Courchesne Larose Ltd, constantly pursues the most excellence freshness and diversity from field to plate which most certainly has hallmarked its evolution. Denis Pageau, Vice-President, Administration and Operations, explains the reason they decided on Airocide was"the technology is not only completely safe for our workers but efficient in enhancing shelf life of our produce."

Denis Pageau

VP, Administration & Operations

Courchesne Larose

"Crunch Pak is the industry leader in fresh sliced apples. They are committed to providing the highest quality organic and conventional sliced apples in the market. The food safety and quality assurance program at Crunch Pak has been built to continuously control any potential hazards from farm to table. Every step is taken to ensure Crunch Pak products are the safest they can be, while maintaining consistent taste and texture. Airocide PPT enhances their food safety and quality assurance program."

Ozgur Koc

Director of R&D

Crunch Pak

"Airocide has cut my shrink in the last year by 24% and paid for itself in six (6) months! Our mushrooms are staying whiter longer; our leaf items are more supple and moist. There also is not as much spotting on our melons and we haven't thrown out a strawberry since we implemented the system."

Lee Pittman


Dixie Produce

Chattanooga, TN

We recently purchased Airocide units for all of our member food banks to help them prolong the life of donated and food rescue produce. Since installing the units, we have heard from our “down stream” agencies that they are having to spend less time culling produce deliveries and are seeing more produce going to clients. The units will allow us to continue our work of getting more fresh, healthy food to hungry New Mexicans.

Kathy Komoll

Executive Director

New Mexico Association of Food Banks

"Since we installed the Airocide devices in our greenhouse tomato packing house, there has been a dramatic decrease in mold. The technology is definitely working for us."

Kees Rodenburg

General Packhouse Mgr.

Eurofresh Farms

Juice Harvest/Evolution Fresh Corporation is a California based all natural fruit juice processor and fresh cut fruit private label co packer whose priority is freshness above all else. Due to the nature of their operation, IAQ is critical as is the need to protect their product from airborne mold and bacteria. After researching a number of air sanitation systems, their team determined that Airocide was most appropriate for their use due not only to its efficacy, but also specifically to its non-ozone generating feature. They now have implemented the Airocide Air Sanitation system throughout their facility.

Vasavi Vichram

Quality Assurance

Evolution Fresh Corporation

"For your info- we had a fairly good season with the sea borne Airocide units, we liked them well enough that the 8 we installed are being dismantled to be reinstalled on different vessels for 2007."

Richard Yudin


"We have no cross contamination," Mr. Karo went on to say. Each room contains an Airocide unit, which removes contaminants such as bacteria from the air. "We are one of the few cold storages in this area using this technology," he added. In addition to storage of commodities such as avocados, apples, blueberries, cherries, pears, stone fruit, grapes and mangos, use of the Airocide unit enables the company to store kiwi and pineapple."

Steve Karo

Garrison Cold Storage

"We sell a lot of items that give off ethylene gas and a lot of items that are harmed by ethylene gas, and while we keep them as separate as possible gas obviously spreads easily. We initially started off just searching for an ethylene absorbers, and in our research we found Airocide. Since Airocide claimed to fix both ethylene and mold spore issues we decided to look further into it. We noticed on their website, www.kesair.com some of the people we do business with were already using Airocide so we called them up for references and everyone we spoke to had good things to say about their results. We then decided Airocide was the answer to our problems."

Stefanie Katzman

Katzman Produce

"I am very happy with Airocide. The smell in my barrel storage has vanished and I've noticed less surface mold. I am looking forward to using this technology in my home too."

Charles Gendrot


Kluge Estate Winery

Charlottesville, VA

"Botrytis control is about 30% [with Airocide] and odors in our cooler are purified. The ozone emissions before Airocide caused employee fatigue. Now, with Airocide, the efficiency of our workers is higher."

Roberto Nevado

Nevado Ecuador

Nevado Ecuador

"The Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto owns and operates the largest wholesale fruit and produce distribution center in Canada and ranks in the top five by volume wholesale fruit and produce distribution centers in North America. Their decision to implement the Airocide air sanitation food safety technology was driven mainly by positive feedback they had received from other Toronto perishable companies."So far the Airocide units are working great. My citrus room looks great."

Gary Da Silva

Operations Manager

Ontario Food Terminal

Toronto, Canada

Airocide was decided on because "this proven state of the art system will enable us to pursue our objective to provide our customers with the highest quality and freshest products as well as ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment for our employees

Sebastien Alix

President, CEO

Pommes Magic

"The fans in the tomato room (where Airocide is operating) were not even half as dirty or moldy as the fans in the other rooms in the warehouse, which were pretty ugly. This saved time and money on cleaning."

Mark Penner

Warehouse Manager

Pro Organics: A SunOpta Company

Burnaby, BC

"I thought I was going crazy, there was such a difference in the quality of my produce. My oranges and grapes have a lot less mildew than they used to. Then I learned it was our new Airocide PPT system that was doing the trick."

Clarence Harry

Produce Manager

Rouse Supermarkets

"As we developed plans for our new food business incubation facility, we wanted to implement best practices in all aspects of our operation. It is well-recognized in industry that minimizing the potential for airborne contamination is an important component of an effective food safety program, as this can minimize the potential incidence of product contamination by pathogens. Furthermore, the minimization of airborne microorganisms will generally result in an extension of raw material shelf life, and result in improvements in quality and reduction in food waste." The Airocide system is installed in their microbiology and chemistry labs, the test kitchen, food processing rooms, and in the perishable food storage areas of the Rutgers FIC facility."

Lou Copperhouse



"I am very happy with the technology and would recommend the Airocide system to other businesses. The reason we purchased the system was for bacterial control for our coolers. What I notice is, there is no mold. The odors are not there anymore, and shelf-life is longer."

Phil Dawson


Sling Shot Transportation

Brooklyn, MI

"The first few days after installing and activating the Airocide units were critical when it came to noticing the impact it had on the quality of air. Some of the employees would ask me if the freshness of the air had anything to do with the machines that were hanging from the ceiling and of course I confirmed their suspicions. The installation of the units was very simple and the effectiveness was impressive. I'm confident that our customers will take note of the betterment in quality and prolonged life of their product."

Luis Martinez

Facilities Mgr

Southern Specialties

"We do regular air testing at Stonyfield Farm and the results in our microbiology lab show reduced bacteria and yeast since installing Airocide."

Jean Duval

Lab Dirctor

Stonyfield Farm, Inc

Londonderry, NH

"We installed Airocide after suffering damage from hurricane Wilma and in four months, I haven't lost a single item to shrink, or deterioration. In just these four months, I am already seeing my return on investment and I am very happy with this system."

Paul Graff

The Produce Connection

Miami, FL

Airocide air sanitation is in operation at the W. Newell amp; Co. because of their commitment to air quality improvement and superior efforts for food safety, quality assurance and shelf-life extension. The specialty produce company has been using Airocide in its 155,000 ft2 state-of-the-art facility in Champaign, IL since it opened in 2005. The new company combines SUPERVALU's long-standing heritage in produce, extensive knowledge of produce retailing, and market-leading position in food distribution and takes its name form Winston & Newell , SUPERVALU's parent company, which started selling produce in 1937.

W. Newell & CO

Champaign, IL

"I installed the Airocide units in our cold rooms and office areas. I am impressed with the Airocide performance and have several businesses in the area who have visited our facility to take a look at the Airocide technology. The benefits I noticed were the difference in the odors and how their products last longer."

Jerry Garcia

Operations Manager

Pharr, TX

Whole Foods Market

"I think Airocide PPT should be installed in the large prepared foods coolers at our store. In fact, my Produce Coordinator told me that all our stores need this technology."

Mark Boulanger

Produce Team Leader

Whole Foods Market

Hadley, MA

"We had 54 cases of organic raspberries that were in the cooler for an extended amount of time over the Thanksgiving holiday. I was AMAZED that every day the berries were fresh and still viable. Out of the 54 cases, I did not lose one single berry to shrink!"

Produce Team Leader

Whole Foods Market

Atlanta, GA

"Airocide is saving me an estimated $3K to $4K a month in my 85,000 ft3 cooler. last year in the same cooler we had some shrink issues with peaches and stone fruit, but since we installed the Airocide units this year our spoilage is reduced"

Chris Ford

Distribution Leadership

Whole Foods Market

South Region

"I've never seen as dramatic a turnaround as in our Allentown floral distribution center. This facility was experiencing severe environmental problems before Airocide PPT was installed. The difference in the quality and shelf-life extension is remarkable. I am very happy with the performance of Airocide."

Paul Zieger


Zieger & Sons, Inc