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FDA certified Air Sanitation Units

Our AiroPro Air Sanitation Units are FDA certified Class II Medical Devices, and utilize the same NASA-developed technology as



Airocide Products

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Reduce produce spoilage by destroying mold, bacteria, and ethylene gas with Airocide.

Airocide will compliment any quality assurance and food safety best-practices program while maximizing product shelf-life and assuring optimal product integrity. Additionally, Airocide will help reduce food spoilage while also reducing the risk of product recalls.

  • Maximize Shelf Life
  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Control Ethylene Gas
  • Destroys Mold
  • No Ozone
  • ETL and CFIA Approved

Quality Control and Food Safety applications for Airocide

  • Cold Storage & Repacking
  • Food Banks, Food Pantries
  • Dairies, Meat, Seafood & Bakeries
  • Food Service, Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants
  • Other Food & Beverage Processors
  • Breweries & Distilleries
  • Refrigerated Perishable Transportation
  • Quality Control Labs & Clean Rooms

Trusted by over 1000’s of customers around the world.

What our customers have to say

“We purchased Airocide from you last year and it worked wonders for us this past season. We had such a great year and very much in part due to the addition of Airocide in our cooler – which kept the quality of the fruit stable and consistent. I've been telling everyone I do business with about the benefits of Airocide. We had high hopes but the performance of Airocide exceeded our expectations. It has been the best upgrade we've made to the facility in years. We used to walk into the cooler and be able to smell ethylene in varying degrees through the season. This season, we walked in to the cooler and the only thing you could smell was cardboard. The air was absolutely clean of all the ethylene naturally produced by our avocados.”

Ivan Munoz

Cal Pacific Growers/Cal Flavor

"Airocide has proven a dramatic and rapid ethylene reduction, along with the benefit of airborne microbial reduction. Airocide is now standardized equipment for Del Monte Fresh cold storage at all of its facilities."

Ross McKenney

VP of Quality Assurance

Del Monte Fresh Produce

Coral Gables, FL

"We believe it is the finest Food Safety Sanitation system using them most state-of-the-art technology."

Scott Dennis

VP of Business Development

Albert's Organics

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The patented Airocide technology, integrated with Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO).

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Technology Developed for NASA breaking new ground in fields outside of aerospace.

Stopping Ethylene Gas at Every Stage

Anywhere your produce is held, an invisible gas starts to collect. Ethylene is a volatile organic compound – a colorless gas that mature plants produce. It accelerates ripening in fruits and vegetables, and it’s sometimes used deliberately in the produce industry to do just that. But, what happens when a fruit or vegetable reaches optimum […]

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